Our Approach

The way we coach is very individualized. First and foremost is we put health first and aesthetics second. You only get one body, and keeping your long term health at the forefront, will always be the best approach. Where you are at 2 years after coaching is just as important to us as your short term goals. It’s never worth it to sacrifice your long term health for short term aesthetics. We are confident that with patience and an individualized plan focusing on nutrition, movement and mindset, you can achieve both short-term and long-term goals!

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Client Success

“I can’t think of another thing that has been more impactful on my life than working with Henriette! It was truly life changing for me. I went in as a fairly fit person who had gained over 10 pounds and all of my usual “tricks” to getting it off just weren’t working. After being told by several doctors that it was my age and it was “normal” and that there was nothing I could do, I was over it! I was miserable thinking this was the end of feeling good about myself. I had recently started following Michaela and I knew almost immediately that Hungryfitness was something I needed to try. As a teacher I was worried about the financial aspect of having a one 1:1 coach, but let me tell you, it was worth every damn penny and more! Not only did I lose the weight I had put on, but I am now at a weight I haven’t been since before I gave birth 16 years ago!! And honestly the weight is just the tip of the iceberg for me, I FEEL better! My energy is up significantly, I handle stress way better, my confidence has grown and most importantly I’m happy. I eat WAY more than I’ve ever eaten and I’ve never felt or looked better. Henriette was my cheerleader and took my entire life dynamic into account when working with me. It wasn’t simply about calories in and calories out. She considered the picture of my life as a whole! I’m literally in tears thinking about moving ahead without her…but what’s funny is that I know I CAN, and that’s because of her. She’s given me that confidence and I truly am forever grateful for her. I could go on and on, but lastly, a huge thank you to Michaela and the rest of the team for creating this amazing program to help women be their strongest and happiest self. It’s life changing!”

– Laura

“I have worked with Michaela and her team since 6 weeks postpartum and my baby is now 16 months. It’s been the best decision I have made for my overall health and it’s truly been so great to have someone hold me accountable for my goals. Working with the HF team hasn’t been a quick fix on how fast I can get “my body back”, but more so a lifestyle change. Michaela has been the perfect coach for me because she truly cares about me as a person.

From the very beginning we started with exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor, made sure I was eating the proper amount of food to keep my milk supply for my baby and I never had a dip in my breastmilk supply! During this time I even did a calorie deficit and breastfeed exclusively with no issues.

The HF team doesn’t focus on just macros and training, but really looks at the whole picture!  Everything is literally designed and tailored to ME. The process has been slow and steady, but I’ve been able to stay consistent throughout the process while also enjoying my life. I am forever grateful for Michaela and her team! I wish more people realized this is the right way to achieve your health and fitness goals and there is no magic fix!  I think the biggest takeaway for me is that she has reminded me to embrace my body in all stages of my life.”

— Mara


“When I applied for coaching I was so frustrated with my body and had a love-hate relationship with food. I had spent many years restricting based on the latest fad diets – paleo, intermittent fasting, low carb, and being a vegan for 9 months (which was miserable for me). I was in a constant cycle of restricting and then binging. When I started working with Henriette, I told myself that I was gonna lean into this process because I had nothing to lose. I am so grateful I did! I am eating the foods I love, never missing out on foods I used to view as off limits, and I’m seeing results both physically and mentally. I wish every woman could experience this transition, you don’t have to be miserable when it comes to maintaining or losing weight. Life shouldn’t revolve around what you can’t eat. The lessons learned from Henriette and The Hungryfitness team have truly changed my life for the better.”

– Tennessen

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m 3-ish months from our last official check in and because of what I learned and proved to myself by working with the Hungry Fitness Team, I have been able to maintain my weight and continue to workout regularly! The process hasn’t been perfect for me, but I always get right back to the habits I implemented while working with the team. My mind is blown that I haven’t reverted back to old habits and lost progress! I am forever thankful to have spent almost a year learning from my coach and Hungry Fitness Team. Absolutely priceless.”

– Emily

6 months transformation. Did a reverse diet, maintenance, and now in a calorie deficit

“I’ve been working with Sam for about 9 months. Sam helped me navigate the chaos that is my life the best that she could. We realized off the bat that I was severely undereating and our first goal was reverse dieting. After drastically increasing my calories I started losing weight! I wasn’t able to workout in the beginning due to time constraints and space so I was focusing on nutrition only. We eventually started a fat loss cycle after about 7 months of reverse dieting and sitting at maintenance. The number on the scale didn’t move a lot, but I look so different! I’m still eating more than I was in this fat loss cycle than I was pre- Hungry Fitness. This program has changed me in so many ways! I feel like a whole new person! Sam is the best coach I could’ve asked for. She helped me through so much! She helped me figure out a plan to fit in MY life. We focused on so many things outside of nutrition and it made a life changing impact on me!”

– Robin

“Michaela’s approach to coaching was the perfect blend of “push, you’ve got this!”, and “you need to rest!”. I’ve found over the past 3 months with Michaela’s support, my focus has been less on my body weight and more about taking care of ‘me’. It’s been refreshing, motivating and so appreciated. The support, the workouts, the guidance…everyone should have the chance to experience having this team in your corner!”


“Working with Autumn and the Hungry Fitness team has seriously changed my way of thinking about food and seeing food as a way to recover, heal, and fuel my body instead of me having negative feelings towards it and punishing myself if I “indulged” too much. The postpartum journey would not have been as successful mentally, physically, emotionally, without the support of these amazing women. Autumn and the Hungry Fitness team are so knowledgeable and helped me take steps towards a lifelong change. I have learned to be patient and trust the process, because even though I wanted to see changes fast and see that “pre baby body”, the approach they have taught me has changed my body and mind in so many ways. I am not quite at my “pre-baby weight” but my body is in the best shape I have ever been, and I still have more space for it to become even better. Working with Autumn and the HF Team has completely changed me for the better.”

– Alicia